About Supercar Circle & Supercar Dating

Turbo charged love with super date site4This is the Worlds First website that enables supercar/ high performance car owners & enthusiasts to share their like minded interests in a social networking & online dating environment. We have 21 Registered Trademarks on the website. The site works on the fundamental concept that relationships, be it dating (Supercar Dating) or friendship (Supercar Circle) develop better when there is a common / like minded interests.

While many supercar owners are already  successful in the networking & dating arena, the aim of the site is to make Supercar Lifestyle Themed dating & social networking more convenient for those that share a passion for supercar lifestyle unique experiences (eg. Michelin dining, jet-set holidays, yachts,  an appreciation for fine art, horology, high octane experiences, international motor sports) 

$upercar Dating® - Supercar Lifestyle Themed Online Dating

$upercar Circle® -  Supercar Themed Online Social networking 

The Supercar Circle and Supercar Dating is an idea that was conceived in 2013. Its founder, Mr Sangeeth Segaram, a 32 year old property developer + tech & medical entrepreneur – created the Millionaire Social Networking and Dating website when he discovered many dynamic professionals/ business associates/entrepreneur colleagues with supercars lacked time efficient avenues for social networking & dating. Women he spoke to, found men on some wealthy networking & dating sites either pretend to be wealthy/successful or lacked common interests.