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The Luxx Grid is an avenue for Supercar Circle ( Millionaire Online and Events Networking) and Supercar Dating (Online Dating) to share Supercar Lifestyle Experiences (Jet Set Holidays, Michelin Dining, Fine Art Appreciation, High Octane Experiences) and Insights into Developing/Sustaining Millionaire Relationships ( Our Relationship Advice Columns are Written in Collaboration with London Business School MBAs & Management Consultants)

How to Treat Your Body Like a Supercar

  • Treat your body like a supercar!

A curved rear, a rock-solid exterior, gleaming surfaces and a hearty roar – your supercar looks (and sounds) pretty good. It’s a high-performance, race-ready demon, and you’ve invested a lot in making sure it meets all the expectations you have of such a finely tuned machine. 

However, when it comes to health and fitness, the demands of your millionaire lifestyle might mean that your body isn’t reaching peak performance. Treat your body like you treat your supercar – investing time and energy into your wellbeing will pay dividends, from toning your physique...

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Leading a Healthy Supercar Lifestyle

Billionaire Insight Into Millionaire Relationships

  • Billionaire insights into millionaire relationships

There is having money, and HAVING MONEY. Besides a couple of additional zeros on a bank account in Switzerland, billionaires are a special breed with often unique and interesting perspectives on business, life and – more interestingly in the context – relationships.

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Billionaire Insight Into Millionaire Relationships

The Unique Art & Science of Unmasking Gold-Diggers

  • The Art and Science of Unmasking Gold-diggers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably financially successful, and you are often found on social outings. The odds are that you are regularly courted by gold-diggers, regardless whether you’re male or female.

Dating, with or beyond, has a game component. There is a certain playfulness that comes with meeting new people, especially potential partners. 

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A Management Consultants Guide to Unmasking Gold-Diggers

The Art of Sustaining Love in The Millionaire Jet Set Lifestyle

  • The Art of Sustaining Love in a Millionaire Jet Set Lifestyle

Your love life had been going well. After a rocky period of being single, you had finally, finally – through – felt that spark again. You had fallen in love, and you were rapidly heading towards a steady relationship within the millionaire Supercar Circle. But then reality kicks in...

You live in New York.
She divides her time between London and Dubai.Read more in link below:

Lunch in London, Dinner in New York

Moneys Talks, but You Have More to Say

  • Money Talks

Let’s do a simple exercise. Search for the entry ‘millionaire’ in the dictionary. Chances are, you won’t be surprised by what you find. A millionaire is a person whose assets are worth a million or more, right? 


Although it’s not technically incorrect, I believe that definition to be wrong, because it is grossly incomplete. A millionaire is much more than the sum of her or his material assets, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Read more in Link below

Five relationship-enhancing characteristics of millionaires (beyond the black Amex)

Flying Lessons at London Airsports Centre

Damyns Hall Aerodrome

  • car at airfield
  • Car and plane
  • car, plane and people at airfield
  • car and plane - gull wing doors open

London Airsports staff extended a warm welcome and gave us an aerial tour of London in their CTSW series ( light modern aircraft). The centre is 20 mins drive from the Canary Wharf financial district. It provides flying lessons, aerobatic flying and for the intrepid explorer - aerial camping holidays (flying out & tenting at scenic destinations) With several major cities at your finger tips, minus a 'check-in' requirement, London Airsports opens a limitless luxury travel portal to those that prefer aerial views to the piercing howl of a  Countach 5000QV...

Traditional Turkish food & Supercar meet at Sheesh, Chigwell

Sheesh, Chigwell

  • Supercar meeting
  • Gull wing

A hidden gem only 7 miles from City of London. Possibly the best Tavuk Kanat (marinated chicken wings) , heavenly filo pastries & Lamb Sis ( cubed lamb grill on skewers) of 2015. A historical 600 year old building as centrepiece and ample safe supercar parking. The Supercar meet consisted of a heritage of Lamborghinis from Diablos to Murcielago roadsters. A rare McLaren F1 made an appearance, the supercar world needs more 3 seaters #carpool

Pizzeria & the Lamborghini lp640 roadster

  • Dashboard
  • Pizzeria
  • Outside Harrods
  • Gull-wing doors open


Possibly the best Arabica pizza in London town, Burrata was ok but not as good as Dorchester or Novikov, excellent service and if you arrive circa 12-2pm on weekends parking is never a problem albeit exorbitant and limited to 2 hours, careful reversing or you may clip the odd Bugatti or two.

Lamborghini London Super Trofeo VIP weekend

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  • Img 3
  • Img 4


Rainy weather and the numerous variable speed limits weren't a promising start down the M1. The Lamborghini London reception on arrival however was fantastic , VIP access to the paddock, plenty of refreshments, a full live sized car racing simulator and sumptuous Italian food straight from the land of V12.

Some 20-30 guests even had a chance to do a lap with a professional race driver in an Aventador, such white knuckle fun.

After Lamborghini Super Trofeo weekend, we have started making insightful enquiries into procurement of a racing license…